Monthly Archives: February 2017

Finding Ways to Automate Quickbooks Even More

One thing I have learned in business is the “one touch” theory. It simply means that you should have to touch, or interact, with something you are doing as few times as possible. Redundancy may be helpful for some things, but a lot of the stuff you do in business is boring and repetitive. The less you have to mess with it the better. I used to spend many hours each week with accounting until I started using Quickbooks. However, I wanted to streamline things even more, so I called a Quickbooks help desk phone number to see how to make my record keeping even more friendly, time wise, at tax time. Those little things you think you are going to remember about deductions and receipts when tax time rolls around a year later will be forgotten if you do not have it written down or automated. I prefer tax automation rather than pouring over notes and printed receipts and records.

This is why I called the Quickbooks help desk phone number. I was impressed with how automated the payroll section of the software was when it came time for me to send payments of withholding to the government. I wanted to take more advantage of this level of power the software has when it comes to my annual taxes. I had questions about being able to automate things as much as possible. This included sending data to my accountant and getting tips on how to enter daily bookkeeping information as fast and as efficiently as possible. I wanted everything from taking customer credit card payments to keeping track of cost of goods sold automated as much as possible to only have to handle the raw data once. The help desk gave me a lot of information on how to streamline record keeping in my business using Quickbooks.