Popular reasons why women dont switch jobs much


Switching jobs is a good sign of a prospective career and signifies that the person is good at doing something and there is a demand for their skill set in the industry. It is implied that a person will switch jobs only if they find better prospects supporting their career growth or work life balance such as salary hike, relocation options or a better position and such. There is also this popular notion that men switch jobs more than women and a career oriented person would switch jobs at least once in a while.

There could be several reasons like stated in Employmentboost.com why women dont switch jobs much and some of them could be due to the advantages in their present job that they dont wish to lose or for the sake of certain negative aspects that are involved during a job change and both have been discussed below,

  • The main reason why a woman would hesitate for a job change could be due to her financial dependency and insecurity of losing the current income and in case if something unforeseen happens and she has to lose her new job that will take a toll on her survival.
  • Due to the comfort-ability that she has attained in her present job and her concern whether this could be available with her new job.
  • Not able to find a job with a considerable pay rise that would motivate her to hop jobs.
  • The field in which she is working is not thriving much or her present job tasks are not significant enough that there is a need for them in the job market.
  • Less confidence about oneself over their skills, knowledge, resume, even looks and personality, are also a major reasons for not trying for a new job.