Finding Ways to Automate Quickbooks Even More

One thing I have learned in business is the “one touch” theory. It simply means that you should have to touch, or interact, with something you are doing as few times as possible. Redundancy may be helpful for some things, but a lot of the stuff you do in business is boring and repetitive. The less you have to mess with it the better. I used to spend many hours each week with accounting until I started using Quickbooks. However, I wanted to streamline things even more, so I called a Quickbooks help desk phone number to see how to make my record keeping even more friendly, time wise, at tax time. Those little things you think you are going to remember about deductions and receipts when tax time rolls around a year later will be forgotten if you do not have it written down or automated. I prefer tax automation rather than pouring over notes and printed receipts and records.

This is why I called the Quickbooks help desk phone number. Continue reading “Finding Ways to Automate Quickbooks Even More”

Our Small Shop Desperately Needed Commercial Dust Extraction Equipment


We had an inspection from the local fire chief last week. We started a woodworking shop where we make small crafts out of rough-hewn logs and lumber. They are rustic pieces that give your living spaces that farm look. I started in my garage. Then we rented a steel building that used to be a motorcycle shop. I brought all of my tools and added more. We did not do much to outfit the building other than leaving the doors open in the summer when we work. We failed our inspection. The fire chief said we needed commercial dust extraction equipment where we were doing the sawing, routing and shaping of our crafts, and we needed better ventilation in our painting area.

He showed me the huge amount of sawdust that was building up on flat surfaces over our heads. The roof support structures were laden with it. There was a lot of dust in the air too. He took me back to the fire department and had his fire safety educator show me what happens when dust ignites. The guy took a little bit of dry sawdust and blew it into a flame. It made a fireball! He explained how dust in the air can ignite under the right circumstances and that the explosion can then make the other laden dust airborne and it explodes too.

So, our building was pretty much a bomb waiting to go off. We cleaned for the next three days to remove all of the dust we could. I got online looking for dust extraction units that would be affordable for our business. We added a large vent through the wall for the painting area. We could not afford anything super extravagant to remove the dust. We needed something that would do the job yet be affordable to us. We were not making a fortune doing crafts out of wood, but we were supporting ourselves and four employees with a living wage. We were able to get a loan for our dust extraction equipment that was very affordable. I like the peace of mind of keeping us and our lungs safer.


Selecting a moving company in Glendale AZ


Relocating from one place to another is really a hectic task that had always made people to hesitate doing that. Packing and moving is kind of a tedious job that includes sorting, arranging, wrapping and piling up all of their belongings in a very safe and securely transportable way.

Beyond the troubles of packing and arranging also lies the mammoth task of transporting them to your new residence without any breakage or damage and no matter how carefully we wrap it, definitely something or the other is lost or broken during transportation. This makes us to end up spending a lot more on repairing these damaged things. And in recent times, relocating has been made easier with the help of professional packers and movers as it has become a common facilitating service helping people to move their belongings very safely with utmost care possible. This has made people to prefer packers and movers for moving their stuff while relocating.

It was not long back when I got a job in a real estate firm in Glendale and I didn’t have an option but to move out to Glendale, as it was my dream job in a reputed company. Moving to Glendale AZ would have been a terrible pain if I had not opted for a professional packers and movers. As I dint have money to afford for a packers and movers, I tried to do it all myself, but to my surprise at such a low price I was able to find a packers and movers in glendale az. The packers had a clear plan of how to sort and arrange things logically and how to move them into their truck for transportation. Further, I was relieved to see that they used high quality materials and equipment for packaging.

From my personal experience, I am sharing with you few tips and things to consider while selecting a moving company in Glendale AZ

  • Make a list of packers and movers available for the locality you are moving into by searching the internet, local classifieds, etc.
  • Do not come to a conclusion with initial search, as only after knowing about more service providers you might be able to find a better service at a lesser price.
  • Go through the testimonials of other customers who have previously used the services of these packers and movers in Glendale, check out their blogs, reviews, and discussions in online forums and get to know how many people refer to them.
  • If possible get a quote online or just call and check with them personally and make complete list of all applicable charges, facilities offered, date of moving, their availability etc.
  • If possible know their fleet size based on the number trucks, if it is really big then that means they are more successful in the business with their services.